Text 26 Feb 5 notes Buzzword: Flaws

These are suppose to be real. They are said to express unconditional acceptance and Love when they are accepted. But what are they exactly? Other than comparisons of how we “should” be….which sounds like expectations to me. I don’t see flaws, in my-self or others. I do, however, see contradictions. For instance, if we accept our partner “flaws and all”, are we saying our relationship is unconditional? Or is it dependent on no “new” flaws becoming an issue? Or does acceptance of these illusory flaws assume they will be worked on or changed? Which would mean that who I am right now is no t actually who you accept. I know this belief has a background in religions (something is always “wrong” with us per different religions, lol). It’s not that we are imperfect…there is no such thing as imperfect…nor perfect. Who are we comparing our-selves to? What list of preferable “human” traits are we comparing our-selves to? Who wrote it? We can see each other with clarity ONLY when we let go of conditioned beliefs that still blind us.

Text 26 Feb 1 note

I would appreciate so, being in the company of mutual understanding and acceptance. Being single is not the/an issue…it’s just a label…like “married”. I do not know of one relationship that models my desire. He & I are the only ones that can create it. Until then….it does not exist. Until then….it will not exist.

Text 14 Feb 1 note

It’s not that I’m enough, or more than enough. To me, that implies that I could very well, and possibly, not be enough. And how I got here was by asking my-self “Enough of/for what”?

Text 21 Jan 3 notes

You were “here”….so I stayed.

Photo 6 Jan 3 notes
Photo 31 Dec 1 note I can never seem to capture the moon in my eyes.
Maybe one day, it can be described to me…..or shown.

I can never seem to capture the moon in my eyes.
Maybe one day, it can be described to me…..or shown.

Text 30 Dec 2 notes

I finally realized what it was…or admitted what it was. It was guilt….shame. These were felt so deeply. I repeated things I had not experienced for my-self….and/or had not processed my-self…therefore, did not fully understand. And when I eventually did understand, I concluded that they were untruths. So I felt ashamed and guilty…even embarrassed…that I had spoken so adamantly about things that weren’t/aren’t true. Funny thing though….I don’t think anyone noticed but me. But being that my opinion is the only one that matters when it comes to me….that was enough…

Text 28 Dec Morning thoughts…

To be privy to…to know…how Life kisses you each morning….

Text 21 Dec

I don’t remember the last time I was angry. Sometimes I do feel sadness though….and it can get really deep at times. But I watch it….not for any particular reason. I’ve just come to know that when I watch my feel-ins, they dissipate peacefully, and with a greater understanding of my-self…and sometimes others. There really isn’t many things I do purposely. But therein lies the serenity of my Life.

Text 20 Dec When the rain touches my mood….

Laying in bed….writing, getting my thoughts out….it began to rain. And I immediately smiled and thought of kisses…

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